Paul Lohmann
Producer of BOPP packaging films.


The Heubach group is a privately-owned group of pigment manufacturing companies with major sites in the USA, Europe and Asia. Heubach has a leading position in the organic and inorganic specialty pigment industry, serving the paint, ink and plastic markets.


Umicre Zinc Alloys and Chemicals is the largest producer of the fine zinc powder in the world. The current production is more than 95.000 t spread over five plants in three continents.


Bernd Schwegmann GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1951. The product ranges today are painting additives, printing chemicals and filtration technique.


Agakim is a family-owned company. The plant is situated in Adana, Turkey, a few kilometers away from Mediterranean Sea, having an easy access to the rest of the world by international shipping facilities in Mersin port. Leading manufacturer of polymer emulsion and adhesives.


Alfa Kimya As. is a young and dynamic company since 1981 and re-configured in December, 1999 with a new company name. The company produces Alkyd resins, which is an important raw material of paint industry. Alkyd resin is widely used in decoration, industrial, furniture painting and varnishing.


Innospec is one of the world's leading suppliers of specialty chemicals. We employ almost 1000 people in 23 countries and our business has a turnover in excess of $500 million


Producer of Amines (Mono-, Di-, Tri-), Hydrogen peroxide, Additives for purification of natural gas, Additives for lead-free gasoline.


Scaldis started crushing oilseeds in the late 1800's. Process improvements and a focus towards processing Linseed, Linseedoils & Derivates have given them a stable place as one of the world's leading producers and exporters of these raw materials for the coatings industry.


One of the biggest producers of wide range of high-purity metal salts and other specialty chemicals for food pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.


FMC Biopolymer - Leader in harnessing nature''s renewable
resources to create ingredients and technical solutions for the
food, pharmaceutical, personal care and biomedical markets


Vinavil - One of the biggest producers of products for coatings,
adhesives and other materials for building industry. Vinyl acetate homo and copolymers for the building industry.


Novacote Flexpack is the third largest producer in the world in the field of laminating adhesives for flexible packagings. The company manufactures also heat seals, primers, epoxy coatings, gloss packaging varnishes for printed paper and aluminium foil, furniture foil varnishes.