Fatokem Ltd. maintains permanent availability of wide range of products in warehouse situated in Sofia including:

Binders: Styrene Acrylic, Acrylic and Polyvinyl Acetate dispersions, copolymer of Vinyl Acetate and Vinyl Ester of Versatic acid (Veova), Alkyd and Alkyd-Urethane resins
Titanium dioxide: rutile, anatase
Organic and inorganic pigments, colorants
Aluminium paste
Zinc dust and Zinc phosphate
Additives and driers: rheological and thixotropic agents, defoamers, dispersing agents, thickeners, preservatives
Antimony trioxide
Ammonium chloride
Flexible films
Adhesives for flex packaging
Additives for rubber
Linseed oil

Upon inquiry Fatokem Ltd. can offer variety of raw materials with specific applications as bronze and tinting pastes and other chemical products.

The company imports full range of fuel additives. Main clients in Bulgaria are Lukoil Neftochim - Bourgas, INSA OIL and others.