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Fetokem EOOD was founded in 1993 with Bulgarian and foreign capital. Through the years its financial structure goes through several changes. Since 2004 the capital is entirely Bulgarian.

Owner and Managing Director of the company is Stefan Tomov.

Fatokem EOOD is an official representative and distributer for Bulgarian market of leading companies, producing raw materials for the paints and lacquers industry and construction, as well as for the production and processing of plastics, rubber, ceramics, cosmetics, pharmacy, fuel additives and industrial oils.



Since 2013 Fatokem EOOD has launched its own newly-built warehouse on a parcel of more than 4700 square meters, where over 1000 tons of different products are being kept on stock indoors.

Except the two buildings of over 1400 square meters, Fatokem EOOD also maintains a 385 square meter heated storage.

Two forklifts are present, which ensure the quick and smooth unloading of goods received every day, and also the loading of orders to customers.

Part of the deliveries are handled by Fatokem’s own car park – two trucks and a cargo van. The company also works with all courier, transport and forwarding companies, according to the customers’ needs and preferences.


Fatokem EOOD supplies specialty chemicals like bronze, golden, aluminium and copper pastes, biocides, thixotropic additives and many more. Фирмата внася и дистрибутира от склад пълна гама добавки за горива.


For over 25 years Fatokem EOOD has been building and maintaining the trust in its customers through loyalty, quick and accurate implementation of commitments and mutual respect.

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    Sofia 1513, Lokorsko, Farm Yard
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